The launching of the live-run of Premia (Integrated Insurance System)

To serve our esteemed customers with fast, reliable and dependable capacity live-run of Premia (Integrated Insurance System) at Main branch was launched. This is a Birr 10 million capital project to make our system easy, fast, user friendly and accessible at any point throughout over all branches. The Integrated System has three main modules: A Module for the Underwriting, for the Claims and for the Finance departments. Since the system is integrated, there is easy customer information authorized sharing among departments of the company.  The integrated system has greatly enhanced the service delivery of the company and customers will not have any complaints about delays in searching their files when they request for a service because every customer related information can easily be found in the system. The integrated system will be fully available for the Claims and Finance departments within a few days time. Furthermore, the integrated system will be accessible from branch offices and will be fully controlled on the central server farm in the Head of office of the company.